Joey's Junk – A Drip Marketing Case Study

How We Doubled OrganicTraffic from 4,500 users to over10,000 for a Local Junk Removal Service


Joey’s junk is a local junk removal service for your home, business, or construction site that donates viable items to local charities and recycles everything they can.

Joey’s Junk Goals

For small businesses like Joey’s Junk, the challenge, at least in the beginning, is almost always the competition. There are always others that have held their position as a reputable option in the community for years… but there are also always people fed up with that option.

For Joey’s Junk, we didn’t just want to get on the same stage as 1-800-GOT-JUNK and Just Junk. We wanted to boot them from the top spots on Google, and create a new top-choice option for junk removal in the local community.

The initial goals were:

  • Increase credibility
  • Increase organic rankings and visibility
  • Improve website UI
  • Expand the content to help with rankings

We knew that Joey’s Junk had better service, transparent pricing, and an eco-friendly approach, but few others knew that with their previous marketing efforts. We needed to boost that visibility ten-fold.

Up for the challenge, we started building out a content marketing plan.

Our Marketing Package for Joey’s Junk

Outranking the competition

  1. Run a competitor analysis
  2. Dissect landing pages
  3. Keyword research
  4. Find new opportunities to rank for backlinks
  5. Discover user intent

Content strategy

  1. Optimizing older web pages
  2. Optimizing web copy
  3. Adding new pages rank for more keywords


  1. Full website audit
  2. Website redesign and expansion
  3. Adding clear, concise copy
  4. Adding a pricing estimation section for more transparency
  5. Branded images
  6. Branded videos
  7. All custom photography

How our marketing plan started

When Joey’s Junk first came to us, their website was just a single page without much information on it. The copy wasn’t entirely clear and concise, and what was there wasn’t optimized for search engines.

After the initial competitor assessment, keyword research, and audience analysis, we wanted to tackle the website.

Our main priority was to recreate the design to include all the elements the users would be searching for- particularly pricing (which we wanted to be very transparent on), and what items they remove, where, and for whom.

While we streamlined the home landing page, we wanted to expand the site to rank for additional pages.

We created service pages for household, construction, and office junk to provide the users with some much needed information, and for a boost to SEO.

To help Joey’s Junk stand out from their competition, we added a pricing estimation section to show visitors how much their job would cost and how much they would save on junk removal.

The effects of our website redesign, media strategy, and SEO

To measure results- across all of our clients- we look at the metrics for the same time period the previous year and compare it to their results now.
We’ve more than doubled organic traffic to Joey’s Junk since the start. On top of that, all of their primary keywords now rank in the top 5 spots on a Google search, and that’s across the board for all major cities.

Website redesign

Redesigning the website was our top priority for user experience, but also for SEO. The pre-existing layout was doing nothing for indexability. It was clunky and with very little content for search engines to rank.

After the redesign:
  • Traffic increased to over 10,000 visitors a month
  • Organic session nearly tripled
  • Joey’s Junk now competes with the likes of 1-800-Got-Junk
We were able to do this by:
  1. Running a competitive analysis to make sure we rank for the same keywords as the competitors, and then some
  2. Redesign the website for more usability and appeal
  3. Wrote clear, concise copy that was right for user intent
  4. Implemented a site wide SEO strategy

Our Media Strategy for Joey’s Junk

Our media team has extensive experience in multiple industries and has worked wonders for Joey’s Junk.

During the website redesign process, the media team stepped in to make a few sections far more interesting:
  • We added a sizzle reel to each removal service section (household, construction, office) that shows the type of junk they remove in each category.
  • We made the videos short enough to use for ads if needed.
  • We created a larger sizzle video to display above the fold on the website.
  • At the bottom of the home page, you’ll also find testimonial videos, which we also created- featuring three different types of businesses to further showcase what Joey’s Junk can do for their customers.
  • We also took hero style photos to use across the website and for Joey to use on social media.

Overview of success and goals reached

While traffic is a great measure of success, conversions are a far better indicator of a job well done- and what every business comes down to.

The website for Joey’s Junk needed a bit of help to rank- so Joey didn’t have to spend so much on Google Ads anymore- and to compete with the bigger, more established businesses.

With our redesign, SEO efforts, custom photos and videos, we were able to meet the following goals:

  • Improve web design for more usability and a better user experience
  • Split the website into different services to attract more diverse customers
  • Implement a media strategy that improved overall design
  • Continuously improved SEO
  • Eliminated the need for Google Ads
  • Improved rankings to compete with Just Junk and 1-800-Got-Junk

Our next order of business is to add a new clout system, so customers can book their services and pay him directly through his website.


It’s easy to spend hundreds or even thousands on Google Ads and rely on those conversions than your own website. But when you save so much more, and attract more visitors and conversions when you develop a website that really works, and use SEO as a way to attract the right attention.

We were thrilled to help Joey get away from paid advertising to focus more on showing customers exactly what he can do. As the results show (doubling of traffic), it’s entirely worth it.

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