eCommerce Conversion Optimization Services

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Our 5-step eCommerce conversion rate optimization strategy

Step 1

Before we can build a CRO strategy (conversion rate optimization strategy) to increase sales for your eCommerce website, we run a comprehensive website audit.
We’ll analyze every SEO and CRO element on your website- from your meta tags and backlink profile to your sales page content. By working from the easiest conversion issues to the largest, we’re able to start increasing your sales revenue by applying conversion rate optimization techniques right away.

Step 2

Our team of conversion rate experts extensively studies your target audience to understand what will resonate with them and lead to greater conversion rates.
This data comes in handy as we resolve optimization issues across your website and build comprehensive eCommerce strategies.

Step 3

After creating your eCommerce strategies- focusing heavily on CRO- we build several acquisition funnels with different paths for PPC ads and automation.
Each has their own unique messaging and buyer journey. We’ll continually conduct A/B testing to continually optimize your eCommerce website for conversions.

Step 4

To add more credibility and personality to your eCommerce brand and marketing campaigns, we implement provoking media that showcases the experts working behind the scenes.

Step 5

Once we’ve gathered the data and have several conversion minded messages for each marketing and paid ad campaign, we start to test new hypotheses to further improve your conversion rates.
Your audience continually adjusts to marketing messages, making them less effective. That’s why we’ll always adapt to reach them.

Our eCommerce optimization services

Search Engine Optimization

With proper search engine optimization of our own site, we’ve grown 75% year after year. Our clients see the same results.

We’re able to make this happen by ensuring that every member of our team- from our project managers to our content writers- understand the fundamentals of SEO.

Our processes help your business outrank your competition in organic search engine results, and endlessly grows your business.

User Interface Design And Experience

While we fix the SEO and CRO problems on your eCommerce website, our project manager will start conducting user testing, adding heatmaps, taking surveys, and asking customers key questions to understand how best to reach them.

We want to craft an entire environment around your content, speaking directly to your target audience, and resonating deeply to drive leads and conversions.

Our processes for discovering the messages your target audience needs and wants, and our continuous testing, ensures that we always meet your sales goals.

Website Design And Development

We have 3 full-time web developers at DRIP, including one well-seasoned software engineer. Their combined skills make them uniquely capable of solving complex problems. They have not failed yet.
Our design and development team works closely with the marketing team to go beyond WordPress and Shopify. We’ll look for the best solution case by case, and if that means using a system like Saleor or SAP, so be it.

Our team has helped dozens of clients increase revenue by 100%+

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    Rent1 Heavy Equipment Rentals

    Over $100K+ revenue from organic leads in less than 6 months
    Reduced cost per click for the entire campaign by 48%
    Increased lead numbers by 43%+

    Physician Skincare Centre

    Increasing organic traffic & bookings by 70%
    Managed a 30% conversion rate on select campaigns
    Improved website speed by 70%+

    Joey’s Junk

    Doubled Organic traffic from 4,500 users to over 10,000
    Developed a new media strategy
    Eliminated the need for paid ads

    Life Maid Easy

    128% increase in the number of leads
    800%+ increase in referral traffic
    152% increase in qualified traffic

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