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Our 5 step B2B SEO strategy

Step 1

Website Audit

To know where your site currently stands, we run a full technical SEO audit to analyze every element of your website- right down to page speed, internal linking, meta data (such as title tags), site map navigation, backlink profile, targeted keywords, and website content (including your blog posts)

We get you on the right track fast by starting with the easiest-to-fix issues, which together often make massive impacts. This means that you’ll see ROI in the first few weeks of working with us, and that progress will continue as we work to untangle the larger on page optimization issues.

We’ll spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies that keep your landing pages from popping up in a Google search, and get you more traffic and leads.

Step 2

Opportunity Discovery

We aren’t here to revolutionize everything you do. If you have a preferred method of reaching your target customers, we want to hear about it and work it into your SEO roadmap strategy.

The goal will always be to reach your target audience and drive conversions in ways that already work, while putting in additional systems that help your business grow.

Step 3

Technical SEO development

Once we’ve fixed the simple, easy optimization issues across your site and content, our technical SEO experts get to work building solutions for the more complex problems.

To make sure we can outrank your competition, we conduct intensive competitor research to identify the keywords they rank for and develop a search engine optimization strategy to be more credible in the eyes of Google.

We use hard data on keyword trends, user experience, and audience insights to continuously improve your organic search engine rankings.

Step 4


Vanity metrics like organic traffic or engagement on social media only show you a level of brand awareness, but here’s the thing- they may not be your target audience. We drive conversions and grow revenue by drilling down messaging to your target audience (your ideal customers).

We ensure that your CRM and Google Analytics account has the right conversion goals, tracking tags, and vital metrics in place to measure real growth of your business.

Step 5


The more data we collect, the more we understand how your customers interact with your website.

We continuously improve your landing pages to get the best possible results from both customers and search engines.

Top Local SEO Services

We’ve consistently grown our own SEO company using comprehensive local SEO techniques, high quality content, and constant monitoring of Google’s search algorithms).

You benefit from our very same SEO tactics when you work with us. We’ll boost your local search visibility, help you outrank your competition, boost national organic search traffic, and ensure that you always show up on Google Maps.

So you don’t miss out on mobile opportunities, we’ll also make sure your site is mobile-friendly and responsive. And for that extra boost to your online presence, we’ll add professional photos, videos, and more.

Our SEO specialists capitalize on your users’ search intent to make sure that every search engine sees you as the most relevant and credible site for your target audience.

eCommerce SEO

The DRIP team has managed multiple eCommerce SEO campaigns that have generated millions in revenue.

We also operate our own eCommerce projects internally. That’s right, we get our hands dirty by testing ideas with our search engine optimization specialists, which makes us very different from other SEO agencies.

Each eCommerce SEO campaign starts with a discovery of your goals, your products, and how we can leverage SEO to increase revenue.

Technical SEO Services

Everyone on the DRIP team- from our web developers and designers to our content writers- understand search engine optimization on a technical level.

This advanced knowledge ensures that the web pages along the buyer’s journey are optimized to increase organic search results and drive revenue.

Whether you need help with off page factors like page speed improvements, navigation and site maps, mobile optimization, content management migration, or link building and internal linking- we’ve got you covered.

International SEO

Expanding into new markets can be a challenge for growing companies, due to different page ranking factors and relevant keywords across the globe.

We’ll provide you with a dedicated project manager to walk you through the products, services, and languages you’ll need when entering a new market

Having our own international project has given us a unique perspective on the strategies and processes needed to push into new territories. As long as we understand your product and goals, we can help you reach new audiences like never before.

Our team has helped dozens of clients increase revenue by 100%+

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    Rent1 Heavy Equipment Rentals

    Over $100K+ revenue from organic leads in less than 6 months
    Reduced cost per click for the entire campaign by 48%
    Increased lead numbers by 43%+

    Physician Skincare Centre

    Increasing organic traffic & bookings by 70%
    Managed a 30% conversion rate on select campaigns
    Improved website speed by 70%+

    Joey’s Junk

    Doubled Organic traffic from 4,500 users to over 10,000
    Developed a new media strategy
    Eliminated the need for paid ads

    Life Maid Easy

    128% increase in the number of leads
    800%+ increase in referral traffic
    152% increase in qualified traffic

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