Marketing Research, Analysis & Strategy

Researching your target market helps you truly understand where you should focus your marketing efforts. That is why we’ve built a system of comprehensive audience research and data-driven solutions. Here’s what that looks like:

Step 1
Our team never starts a project without understanding the client and their customers.
We have to know why individuals buy from you and more importantly, why they don’t. A team can guess all they want but will never get to the bottom of how to help you without customer research.
Step 2
Some of your competitors might have already figured out the best way to convert website visitors into customers and keep them happy.
Analyzing the content and strategies your competitors makes the bar of success visible. Our team can get this done and develop strategies to overshadow the competition.
Step 3
In most cases, our clients already have access to data on Google Analytics and Search Console.
If not, we quickly set it all up and study the data to resolve bottlenecks. Once we understand customer drop-off points, our team quickly finds solutions to test ideas to increase conversion numbers.
Step 4
Our job doesn’t end when a visitor turns into a customer.
We’ve developed complex systems to adjust our marketing tactics based on the behaviour of current and past customers. With this method, we’ve helped dozens of brands to strengthen customer loyalty.
Step 5
We continuously monitor the performance of all tactics and adjust budget allocations to ensure we’re always focusing on the solutions that work for your brand.
We know of dozens of companies that have lost incredible sums by not creating a budget that adapts to marketing performance or
adding stop-gap measures to prevent overspend. Our goal is to heuristically evaluate each campaign to ensure maximum
effectiveness and ROI, so you will never overspend on poorly performing tactics.
Data Mining and Evaluation
You make decisions on data just as we do, and inaccuracies in that data can cost your team a lot of money.
By visualizing call recordings and decoding databases our team are experts at finding relationships between data and identifying problems that other teams miss. Our team will also run surveys, interview willing customers, and record research sessions to identify how your website and content can perform better.
After pulling your data together for better reporting and analysis, we continue to monitor with automated reports and alerts. Depending on what you need, we can run our research sessions with wireframes, your live website, or a development website.
Launching a New Project
Never launch a new project without monitoring the impact of the new changes. Our team helps minimize risk by following best practices and utilizing our years of experience in the industry.
Each campaign is triple checked for proper setup and tracking, and we monitor each landing page for data anomalies. Complex projects that are hard to manually track are fitted with our automated alert systems, so we remain on top of your campaigns at all times.

Our team has helped dozens of clients
increase revenue by 100%+

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    Rent1 Heavy Equipment Rentals

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    Increased lead numbers by 43%+

    Physician Skincare Centre

    Increasing organic traffic & bookings by 70%
    Managed a 30% conversion rate on select campaigns
    Improved website speed by 70%+

    Joey’s Junk

    Doubled Organic traffic from 4,500 users to over 10,000
    Developed a new media strategy
    Eliminated the need for paid ads

    Life Maid Easy

    128% increase in the number of leads
    800%+ increase in referral traffic
    152% increase in qualified traffic

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