Physician Skincare Centre - A DRIP Marketing Case Study

How We Increased Organic Traffic & Bookings By 70%+ For A Local Aesthetic Clinic


Physician Skincare Centre specializes in local medical aesthetics. They have many treatment options including:

  1. Laser skin treatments
  2. Botox Cosmetic and Therapeutic
  3. Lippodissolve
  4. Skin rejuvenation
  5. Non-invasive facelifts

Physician Skincare Centre is not necessarily cheaper than other aesthetic centres. They offer the best products and services with decades of experience.

The problem

Physician Skincare Centre had major duplicate content issues. Most of the content/copy was taken from other websites and stuffed with keywords, making it confusing to read.

Their primary concern was that they didn’t rank very well in their own city. They also wanted to rank better in surrounding cities.

One issue we have with most clients is that search engine rankings are often the primary focus of their online marketing. This is a huge mistake because the primary focus with us has always been leads, conversions from visitors becoming customers, and revenue.

Yes, rankings are important and we understand that. However, combining rankings with great copy, credibility, and excellent usability will turn any website into a revenue generating machine.

Our proposed online marketing package for Physician Skincare Centre

Onsite optimization

  1. Full website audit (technical SEO)
  2. Speed optimization (our front end designer would go through the website and optimize code and images for speed. He will also move the website onto a cloud server)
  3. Re-write duplicate copy/content
  4. Build a better internal link structure
  5. Silo structured content based on user intent
  6. Copywriting on all pages
  7. Manage URL structures
  8. Add any schema markup code to guide search engines

Offsite optimization

  1. Local citations
  2. Building links on authoritative websites
  3. Finding local online publications to post articles on

Paid advertising campaign

  1. Setup Google/Facebook paid ads
  2. A/B test ads
  3. Design dedicated landing pages for each campaign (very successful)

Demographic research

  1. Set up user panels to find out what target demographic needs are
  2. Find new ways to empathize with target market

User experience and interface improvements

  1. Based on research data, design and improve individual pages on the website
  2. Record and analyze sales calls
  3. Record users in live sessions
  4. Setup heat maps

Design custom landing pages

  1. Each marketing campaign (including email campaigns) gets a custom landing page

Email marketing

  1. Each month an email campaign will be sent out to segmented list
  2. Seasonal marketing messages
  3. Track micro moments

Personalized marketing messages based on behaviour

  1. Present personalized messages based on what the user is doing on and off the website

The SEO audit

Each and every client goes through an extensive checklist to find areas of the website in need of improvement. We look at many factors like accessibility, website speed, credibility, search engine visibility, or website speed over different devices. Physician Skincare Centre has and had many places on the website where it could improve. Here are some of our combined goals with our client:
  1. Improve rankings from target cities
  2. Increase the number of keywords we’re ranked for
  3. Increase overall call volume and leads
    1. Because most leads come through by phone calls, it was important for us to record all sales calls
  4. Improve mobile search rankings
  5. Increase website speed
  6. Determine a better strategy based on user intent and testing
  7. Track, test and reform each landing page
  8. Improve click through rates on search
  9. Write dedicated sales copy on each page (from most to least important)

Our marketing results in just 3 months

In every case, we always like to compare data to the previous year. You never want to compare data to the previous period or month because the data sample is not correct. For example, Physician Skincare Centre is not as busy in the summer. It wouldn’t be fair to compare data from June and May.

Here are the results from September

Pages / Sessions has dropped because our visitors are getting everything they need without looking for it across the website.

Organic traffic increase

Organic traffic has grown by a whopping 77.7%. Our original plan was to:

  1. Increase rankings in North Vancouver and West Vancouver
    1. Our plan worked enough to get a boost in organic rankings across surrounding cities
  2. Increase the number of indexed pages on search engines
  3. Increase conversion

We were able to successfully do all of these and more. Here’s how we improved organic search rankings, click through rates (clicks directly from search), and conversion from Google, Bing, and Yahoo:

  1. Write copy on all pages based on what visitors want rather than copy we or our client “thinks” will perform. The primary pain point from potential patients:
    1. Could not get information they needed without looking on multiple pages
    2. Copy was stuffed with irrelevant keywords
    3. Content was not easy to read
  2. We built local citations on the most popular local websites
  3. Completely redesigned the homepage
  4. Had just a few patients write reviews
  5. Rewrote all meta tags with the user in mind instead of search engines

Organic visibility has almost doubled for Physician Skincare Centre

These numbers are for all search engines across every city we’re tracking.

Organic traffic data from targeted cities

For our client, it was extremely important to increase relevant, qualified traffic from the cities we were trying to target. We made sure Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and West Vancouver were highlighted throughout citations and links. Here’s our organic data compared to the previous year:

Old Homepage

New Homepage

We didn’t guess what to put on the homepage. The new homepage was based on data gathered from heat maps, keyword research and analyzing questions asked by patients and surveys.

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the most important copy is placed exactly where our visitors are pausing to read content. The stats from our new homepage is phenomenal. Although, it’s been only one week since we launched, our numbers are very impressive and we’ll keep a close eye on our data for the homepage.

Yes, we got rid of the slideshow. In every single case, the slideshow killed conversion because it was just way too distracting. The focus on the new website is the person reading it.

Benchmarking and tracking calls

Physician Skincare Centre gets most of their leads by phone calls. And as you may know, tracking conversions with calls is very hard.

We used a custom phone number for every campaign we ran. These numbers are used across all of our landing pages.

Increasing the number of phone calls, leads and form submissions our client gets is very important to us. To improve our lead generation, we ran an AdWords campaign with custom designed landing pages for each campaign.
Our landing pages included anything from promotions to services offered by Physician Skincare Centre.

AdWords campaign

Examples of our landing pages:

The old campaign would have visitors go to random pages on the primary domain. With our landing pages, we were able to customize the ads to exactly what people were looking for. We call this scent. The ads on Google are directly related to the copy on our landing pages.

Physician Skincare Centre already had an AdWords campaign running for many years by another agency (ReachLocal). However, the metrics reported back to our client was extremely basic. For example, our client would only get the number of impressions, clicks and calls. All other metrics were vague and could not be verified.

The agency did not create any custom landing pages or record any calls. And because of this, their marketing campaigns lacked in depth and breadth.

Another confusing metric being reported was calls. What most clients don’t realize is that the call feature on Google AdWords gets activated as soon as a person searching taps on the call button. However, this doesn’t take into account that the actual call may have not gone through. Even if the person who clicks on “Call” doesn’t call the business, Google counts the call as a conversion.

By recording the calls from each campaign, we know exactly if our efforts are producing measurable results. Of course, having a dedicated landing page custom designed to empathize with the visitor helped with our conversion numbers.

By creating scent, our Latisse landing page was performing well above industry averages.

Of course, it was very important to keep the average cost per click relatively low with high quality scores for all of our ads. Our goal with Google Ads was to get the best possible position for the keywords we were targeting.

We didn’t want to ignore the call feature on Google Ads. To test this, we created a unique number and tracked all the calls from Google AdWords. Over the course of 2 months, 75 calls came through by people tapping on the call button from an ad.

Of the 75 “call” buttons tapped from a mobile device, only 23 calls were actually completed. That’s less than half. However, the revenue generated on the 23 calls was well above the $178.74 spent to receive the 75 “clicks”. You have to take the data Google gives you with a grain of salt. It’s extremely valuable, but not perfect.

From the beginning of our Google Ads campaign, it was extremely important not to spend money on wasted clicks from the wrong keywords. We were able to achieve high quality scores, low click prices, amazing conversion rates and high click trough rates by measuring and testing basic human needs. Again, it was all about understanding our target audience and not focusing on what we, or our client, think will work.


How we updated copywriting on the site & why

Prior to working with DRIP, the client had been writing content filled with targeted keywords that they thought would attract more visitors to their site. Lines like “Physician Skincare Centre in North Vancouver” were written repeatedly throughout their site and it was a blatant form of keyword stuffing.

The truth is, the more unnecessary words you fill your copy with, the less likely people are going to take the time to read it. We read faster but less thoroughly when we go online so optimizing your content accordingly is crucial. The key is to find the right balance between providing the visitor with the information they’re looking for and also making sure to not overwhelm the reader.
The first thing we did was find out what visitors were searching for the most on the site. Based on patient surveys and heat maps mentioned above, we discovered exactly which treatments visitors were looking for and where on each page visitors were pausing to read content. With this new information, we outlined a plan that included completely rewriting the copy for the website.The original copy was long, confusing and overwhelming; we made it clear, concise and relatable.

In order to write copy that translates and converts into sales, we put a focus on writing copy for the customer. With everything we wrote for their site, we asked ourselves: are we providing visitors with the information they want and need? When writing copy for a client’s site it’s important to take the perspective of a customer. “What does my client want to know?” is a question that was foremost in our minds when re-writing the copy for Physician Skincare.

Clear copy on a landing page is especially important as you only have five seconds to pique someone’s interest before they move on to something else. We currently have a 9.59% conversion rate on the client’s Botox landing page, thanks to a design and copy that is appealing to the visitor. As you can see, we didn’t go overboard with the copy. Less is more if the quality is there. In a game of quality versus quantity, quality wins every time.

We applied this rule in all areas of the client’s content strategy, from their product page to their blog. Just like with a 500 word chapter book, people will read a book cover to cover if it’s quality work. However, if you present the reader with “fluff,” there’s a slim chance they’ll make it to the last page. It’s this philosophy we keep in mind when we create new copy for our client, and it’s been proven to be very effective in converting site visitors into actual paying customers.

Overview and success of our goals

  1. Improve rankings from target cities
    1. Vancouver = 16.7% increase
    2. North Vancouver = 34.58% increase
    3. Burnaby = 89.83% increase
    4. Surrey = 98.08% increase
    5. West Vancouver = 50% increase
  2. Increase the number of keywords we’re ranked for
    1. We measure the overall visibility of a website by giving it a score. Physician Skincare Centre started with the score of 1,901. It’s now sitting at 3,677
  3. Increase overall call volume and leads
    1. Based on internal software tracking in the clinic we have increased the number of leads and calls by almost 50%
  4. Improve mobile search rankings
    1. Mobile visibility score increased by almost 400 points
  5. Increase website speed
    1. Website speed went from 7 seconds to 2.2 seconds on average
  6. Determine a better strategy based on user intent and testing
    1. Each and every single campaign was based off of user intent, user panels, and surveys. The website has now and will be molded into what patients need and want
  7. Track, test and reform each landing page
    1. On average, each landing page is converting between 7%-9% from form submissions and calls
  8. Improve click through rates on search
    1. We started with a CTR of less than 1% to an average of 5.77%, which is a massive improvement. This is from the last 3 months:


Total Clicks


Avg. CTR

Our overall results from the last 3 months

Physician Skincare Centre is another amazing example of a great online marketing campaign. By focusing on the person reading the content and not search engines, we were able to dominate all of our intended metrics.

Some of our main metrics


79.15% increase in overall sessions to the website


80% increase in new visitors to the website


75.71% increase in organic traffic from search


178.88% increase in the number of conversions


Everyone at the office gets excited over conversion data more so than rankings or traffic. We were able to increase rankings, which is exactly what our client wanted, but also increase revenue and overall conversion. Other than a few design hiccups, our client is extremely happy with us and will likely increase their marketing budget in the New Year.

The best part is that we just started and have 5 months to go before we fully optimize the website with better copy, links and SEO. The demand for medical aesthetics is very high in the Lower Mainland and we will be there to capitalize on that for our client.


“We saw a dramatic rise in our web presence after 6 months with NMS. Our staff are now having trouble keeping up with phone calls, and Puya made sure I was in the loop with what was going on on the site.”
– Physician Skincare Centre

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