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How we doubled almost every metric from Google


Life Maid Easy offers home and business cleaning services across Metro Vancouver. They offer an eco-friendly solution for anyone looking to clean their home or commercial space. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB and are highly customer services oriented.

Improving SERP results

Life Maid Easy had a primary goal of increasing SERP results. However, at DRIP we want much more than just rankings. For Life Maid Easy, our goal for the first 6 months was to:
  1. Increase rankings (of course)
  2. Increase CTR
  3. Increase the number if impressions for different qualified keywords
  4. Track organic traffic on site
  5. Change copy for better conversion once visitors enter the site
  6. Improve website speed

The problem

Life Maid easy had very thin content on every single page. The internal linking structure did not make any sense. They also had very a weak backlink profile, which didn’t help rankings. The competition for our primary and secondary keywords was very competitive. The top 5 positions for almost all the keywords we wanted was reserved by larger companies like:


Here’s what our package included for Life Maid Easy:

Onsite search engine optimization

  1. Initial website audit
  2. Research keywords/synonyms
  3. Content/copy optimization
  4. Changing duplicate content
  5. Coming up with internal link strategy
  6. Creating a silo structure with main services based on user intent
  7. Optimizing website for speed
  8. Changing meta tags on all pages

Offsite search engine optimization

  1. Local citations
  2. Link building

Website changes

  1. Continuously add new pages based on new services

UI and UX improvement

  1. Record live users and find holes in the website
  2. Taking surveys from current customers
  3. Heat mapping top pages

Landing Pages

  1. Copywriting, wireframing, designing and testing multiple landing pages

The SEO Audit For Life Maid Easy

Every client gets a full in depth audit. Our audit consists of more than just technical SEO. We look at many other issues like speed, copy, mobile issues, coding problems and more. Here is a list of goals we set for ourselves for this project in our audit:

  1. Increase organic rankings
  2. Increase the number of pages indexed within Google (When we started, Life Maid Easy only had a few pages indexed)
  3. Increase mobile rankings
  4. Make sure the website is optimized for speed (must be done within 4 weeks)
  5. Determine user intent and mold website/copy/content accordingly
  6. Testing and changing top pages
  7. Implementing structured data where possible
  8. Re-writing and testing meta tags for better click through rates
  9. Increase the number of calls from search
  10. Increase the number of calls based on user centred copy/design

Top keyword data

Some keyword data is more important than others. In our case, it was very important to rank for “cleaning services”. Our numbers indicate that Life Maid Easy is continuously improving for this (their primary) keyword.

Here are the results

Google Analytics overview

The traffic data from Google Analytics clearly indicate a healthy growth over time. Of course, there are bots messing with the data so we decided to create custom filters in Google Analytics and not count bot visits.

Organic traffic data

Organic traffic is one of the most profitable traffic you can get. This was our primary goal. We clearly succeeded in increasing organic traffic to the website from the data below.

Organic location data based on traffic

It was extremely important for Life Maid Easy to show up more in Vancouver, BC. We made sure Vancouver was highlighted through local citations and geo-targeting. Here are our results: Again, our data above is filtered for only organic traffic.

An overview of our goals

Increase organic rankings

Organic rankings for most of the primary and secondary keywords increased incrementally with time

Increase the number of pages indexed within Google

When we started, Life Maid Easy only had a few pages indexed (The number of pages indexed in Google jumped from 52 to 87)

Increase mobile rankings

Originally, the website was not very mobile friendly. We’re convinced that some of the increase in rankings was directly related with the changes we made to make the site more mobile friendly

Make sure the website is optimized for speed (must be done with 4 weeks)

We placed the website on WPengine, which massively improved load time

Determine user intent and mold website/copy/content accordingly

Based our keyword research, user surveys and UX/UI testing we were able to increase the number of conversions substantially

Testing and changing top pages

We looked at the most important pages and optimized it from top to bottom. We then tested everything to see what visitors responded to the most. This was a huge success because with better copy, design and credibility factors our conversion doubled

Implementing structured data where possible


Re-writing and testing meta tags for better click through rates

We made sure the meta tags were written with proper copy. The goal was to get clicks from search, not stuff them with keywords

Increase the number of calls from search

Life Maid Easy confirmed the number of calls was increasing steadily. We were tracking this with dynamic numbers

Increase the number of calls based on user centered copy

An area, which needed huge improvements was the copy on Life Maid Easy. With better copy we were able to highlight exactly what the visitors wanted

Our overall results

Life Maid Easy has greatly improved their online presence and conversion by focusing on the visitor instead of search engines. In just a few months, they’ve achieved amazing results


Growth in total sessions to the site


Increase in new visitors to the site


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in referral traffic


Increase in the number of conversions


Life Maid Easy was another example of a successful online marketing campaign. However, we couldn’t track revenue because of a low budget. We were able to accomplish every goal, which was set on the clients end and our own. This campaign was a short 5 month project. Most campaigns take at least 6 months before we can see any results. Based on our recommendation, Life Maid Easy should only improve with time.


“I had the privilege of working with DRIP and have to say it was a great experience. I had many problems with my site and they were able to solve all the issues quickly and with no hassle. I would use them again!”
– Michal Lewandowski, GM

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