Our 4-step Paid Ads Strategy

Paid advertising is still the fastest way to generate revenue for brands of all sizes. We’ll help you realize these gains quickly, while setting up comprehensive marketing strategies for long-term growth.
Step 1

Determine Customer Journey

With all new clients, our paid ads experts dive deep into audience insights to understand to map ad campaigns to the customer’s journey.
For example, we’ll determine when your demographic is just researching, looking for a solution, and when they’re ready to buy. These steps are crucial to developing intent-driven ads that meet your audience at the right moments.
Step 2

Customer Acquisition Process Flow

Once we have a good understanding of your target audience, our team builds an acquisition process to match copy and media with the customer journey.
At this point, we’re still in strategy mode, so it’s about aligning messaging with the buyer’s intent and your budget.
Step 3

Build Out a Campaign Strategy

With a solid strategy in place, we can start building your ad campaigns based on acquisition flow.
These are highly targeted campaigns completely dependent on user behavior. For instance, the ads we create for someone who is just researching their options will be completely different from ads for those ready to buy. This entails everything from the keywords we use to the messaging and landing pages attached to the ads.
Step 4

Optimize and Reform Campaigns

Every single ad campaign has to be tested and optimized, no matter who runs them.
Keywords change in their effectiveness and cost, one word out of place can impact the click-through-rate, and there’s always something you can do better to reach your audience.
Our team closely monitors performance, budgets, targeting, landing pages, and revenue growth for those that work with us. The goal is to learn, track, and expand with each campaign. It’s a process we’ve perfected for our clients and our own businesses.

Full-stack Pay Per Click & Google ads Management

Unlike SEO, Google ads is the quickest way to generate traffic and revenue for your business.
Google ads has also become an incredibly advanced system to manage. For this reason, we’ve put an all-star team together who specifically focus on paid advertising through Google.
This specialized team has managed everything from singular ads for small companies to million-dollar campaigns. Each time, we take a unique approach by keeping ads as human-centric as possible, while automating various aspects to save time and money for our clients.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Ads across social media require a separate approach than search ads. Largely because they can drain your budget quickly due to the amount of viewership. For that reason, we focus on intent and rarely run social media ads with top of the funnel content (for those just researching a product or haven’t been introduced to the brand yet).
One method we like to use is retargeting, meaning that, if someone comes to your website and leaves without purchase, we can retarget them on their social media feeds with products they were looking at on your website. We could also use testimonial videos, or pictures and links to other products they may be interested in.
If they engage- say, they watch a certain percentage of the testimonial video- we can continue to engage them with other aspects of your brand.

Human Factors, User Interface Design & Credibility

Credibility, user interface design, and a human touch is key to generating leads and increasing revenue. That is why we assign a dedicated designer, copywriter, developer, and project manager to oversee each project we take on.
Each team will have a careful understanding of your brand, voice, messaging, and user experience to maintain credibility factors across the board. They’ll be able to develop highly-targeted landing pages that convert visitors into leads, while upholding standards for customer experience.
Our formula is a rock solid formula developed over time and through experience, and is now implemented across our brands and projects.

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