Full-service Email Marketing

Email is still the #1 way to increase your revenue

Our 5-step Email Marketing Strategy

Step 1

Most of our clients have developed an email list and email audience over their years of business.
Yet, most still have trouble with messaging and automation. Our team will audit your previous email marketing campaigns and strategically devise recommendations for improving your retention/conversion numbers.

Step 2

We’ve learnt from previous email marketing campaigns that segmentation is one the simplest and most effective ways to personalize emails.
No two customers are alike, so we base personalized emails on the customers’ previous interactions with your company.

Step 3

Our designers have created hundreds of unique emails tailored to your brand.
We never rely on templates, making sure that every single campaign is an individual message your audience has never seen before. Each design is also responsive, so no matter how your customers engage with your emails, they’ll all get the same great message.

Step 4

In eCommerce, email automation is key to avoiding things like cart abandonment.
At DRIP, we build automated workflows that react to the actions of your customers, including sending cart reminders to your customers. You’ll never lose out on a sale again.

Step 5

The final step is to measure results and reform our efforts like everything else we do at DRIP.
We track the trends in each campaign, get a better understanding of your customers and what they respond to with each project.

What We Can Help With

Coming up with Email Marketing Strategies
Our team is not just about creating pretty templates. We study your business to determine the best strategies for your campaign, which we will continually test and improve.
We’ve worked across dozens of industries, giving us the experience to build complex strategies and the right messaging for any automated campaign.
Customer Acquisition Funnels
Over the last few years, our team has perfected customer journeys and messaging.
For example, if you have a subscription-based product, such as medication, our team will design automatic email reminders for your customers. We can do this for every qualifying product in your inventory.

Integration With Other Tools

We understand that most business owners have multiple applications and CRMs connected to their websites.
At DRIP we’ve successfully connected software through API to integrate marketing campaigns. For example, when a hotel guest responds with a happy survey, we make sure our hotel client is set up with automated emails to collect the reviews and ratings that prospective customers look for.
Integrations can get complex but the rewards are exponential.

Our team has helped dozens of clients increase revenue by 100%+

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