Creative Media Production

A relaxing, fun, and flexible way of filmmaking and media production that delivers amazing results while keeping you involved from ideation to final publication.
Whether you’re looking to take professional “Meet Our Team” headshots for your website, create a product launch advertisement for YouTube, or build an audience with a podcast, the DRIP Media team can help! If you haven’t already, take a look at our portfolio of amazing work to see what we can do for you.

Launching a New Project

Step 1

Media Strategy

Our first step is to sit down with your team to get an understanding of your goals, vision, and brand. We will collect any initial ideas and preferred mediums (photos, video, audio) and lay out a budget. From there, our media team with building a comprehensive strategy filled with the types of media needed to meet your goals.
Step 1.5


We’ll first collect mood boards and existing examples to get on board with your photo style preferences and vision for photo production. Next, we’ll determine where the photos will live (digital on a website, in print advertisements, etc.), what the photo should represent, and more.
Step 1.5


Like photos, we want to understand your vision for video production. We will go through the types of videos that best suit your needs and the elements you’re looking for. If there are any time restrictions, we’ll also lay those out, along with where the video will live and any preferred resolution and formats (YouTube, other social platforms, broadcast television).
We’ll also collect existing examples or mood boards your team may already have. Our final move will be to create storyboard proposals for you to approve.
Step 1.5


When creating audio elements, we’ll first collect any examples, mood boards, or ideas you have and determine which types of audio will edge you towards your goals (podcasts, radio advertisements, training elements, etc.). We’ll follow this up by hiring voice actors.
Step 2
During pre-production, we gather all elements needed for the final media. This can include hiring talent, gathering props, booking locations, scheduling people from your team, preparing production equipment, etc. To keep you in the loop, we’ll provide you with a rough timeline.
Step 3
Our production team will film, record, and/or photograph all of the content and add this to your timeline.
Step 4
After production, the team passes on the video, audio, and photo files to post-production for editing. Drafts are sent to your team for revision requests. We will go over three different post-production revisions with your team.
Step 5
Approval & Next Steps
Once your team approves the work, we send you the media in its final and publish-ready formats. The media team may even send additional ideas and suggestions that your team may be interested in producing.

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