How Much Do You Want to Grow Your Revenue?

What you invest is directly tied to the results you’ll see. By increasing your monthly marketing investment, you’ll increase our ability to make you more money.

Custom-made retainers with DRIP Marketing start at $6,500 dollars per month and can include:

1- Content Strategy
2- Paid Ads
3- SEO

4- Email marketing
5- Media strategy
6- Link building

7- User interface improvements
8- User experience improvements
9- Research & data-analysis

What you should expect from us in your first 120 days:

First Meeting

We listen and ask questions to help identify your goals.


A comprehensive marketing audit is vital to achieving success. Only after this audit will we be able to accurately determine the marketing investment required to reach your goals.

The audit includes but is not limited to:

  1. SEO
  2. Copy
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Design (UX)
  5. SMO
  6. Site maps
  7. Link profile
  8. Competitive analysis
  9. Market forecast
  10. Conversion rates
  11. Engagement metrics
  12. Branding profile

At the end of this audit you will receive a document that details a roadmap for the next 6–12 months to ensure the highest possible ROI.

Customer research

Market surveys, click-data analysis, customer interviews, user-sessions recordings, and website heat maps will give us a thorough understanding of your prospective customers and their buying cycle; why some buy from you and where others drop off.

Apply our data

  1. Report our research & analysis results
  2. Develop customer journey maps
  3. Determine UX strategy
  4. Begin SEO updates
  5. Create content & copy strategy
  6. Plan media strategy
  7. Continuation of research & analysis

Test hypotheses, track changes, reform projects

We gain new insights from every project we complete and will apply what we’ve learned to continually improve results.

What our clients are saying

Brendon Sharma

The Bar Guy

The Bar Guy credits a lot of his new business to the quality of video production that resulted from DRIP's work.

Francis Delosa

Penticton Lakeside Resort

“From managing our pay-per-click ads to Google analytics or even just managing our website, we’ve really been able to create that sense of brand for our resort."

Jo Sura

Menzies Metal

"DRIP marketing is managing our ecommerce website and helping us to continuously improve the site. They’re very positive, easy to work with, and always available if we need help."

Steve Behrish

OnRes Software

"DRIP has been instrumental in helping OnRes formulate a marketing strategy. I think the old adage goes ‘now I can spend a little more time on my business rather than in my business’."

Marketing audits

Starting at $5,000.00

Get a roadmap to success. Comprehensive marketing audits produce a custom-built report that details the current state of your digital presence and describes how to improve.

Components of the audit include:

  1. SEO
  2. Copy
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Design (UX)
  5. SMO
  6. Site maps
  1. Link profile
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Market forecast
  4. Conversion rates
  5. Engagement metrics
  6. Branding profile

At the conclusion of this audit, you will receive a document that details your current weaknesses, strengths, and a personal road-map to success for the next 6–12 months from the minds of the DRIP Marketing staff.

Media projects

– Videos
– Photography
– Podcasts

Video production starting at $2,500

Start a YouTube series, show off a new product, record bumper advertisements, publish a corporate overview, or film your company history. We have the equipment and expertise to bring your ideas to life.

What’s available:

  1. Concept development
  2. Scriptwriting
  3. All A/V gear including cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.
  4. Professional videographers (½ day, full day, or more)
  5. Experienced editors
  1. Interview correspondent
  2. On-camera talent
  3. Voiceover actors
  4. Up to 2 sets of revisions
  5. Finished file in your preferred industry standard format

See our work

Commercial photography

Starting at $100 per hour/headshot

Launch a product with stunning imagery, take professional corporate headshots, or photograph your restaurant or office space.

What’s available:

  1. Professional cameras and lenses
  2. Experienced photographer(s) (½ day/full day)
  3. Photo editing
  4. Models

*Retouching is available at an additional rate

Podcast studio rentals

Starting at $150/HR

Become a thought-leader with your own podcast, start a sports-talk show, tell your company history, record a companion piece for your written content, or interview a guest about your product. The DRIP Media Podcast Studio is available for rent so that you can record your story, in your words with your voice.

Rates include setup and three Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphones:

  1. Without audio technician – $150/HR
  2. With audio technician – $200/HR
  3. With video recording & technician – $250/HR

*Audio/video editing is available at additional rat

Listen to a recording from the DRIP Podcast Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plans are month-to-month but we recommend you stick with us for at least six months to see the results we can provide.

If you understand why digital marketing is important and have at least some success online, then we’re a perfect fit to help you grow. We’ve worked in countless industries and operate our own successful businesses outside of DRIP Marketing. We understand everything it takes to succeed.

Your Sales & Marketing team may have already started digital marketing campaigns. We won’t necessarily take over, but we will provide honest feedback to improve these campaigns, and we’ll build on top of them.

A commitment to work together is vital. We don’t need much of your time, but we will ask to sit in on sales calls, receive customer lists for market research, conduct user surveys, capture photos and videos of your workplace, or invite your team to our Gastown studio to record a podcast.

How does more money in your business account sound? With the right investment, you’ll start seeing revenue results within the first six months.

What’s included:

Research and analysis plan

Keyword, traffic, surveys, etc

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Content and media strategy

Campaigns and timelines

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Estimated investment and ROI forecast