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3 Free Wireframes To Increase Conversion On Your Landing Pages

It’s no secret that landing pages improve and increase revenue “if” you design them with the user in mind and write compelling easy to understand copy. We’ve designed and built dozens of landing pages, which have performed really well. Of course, we learned from our mistakes and improved our landing pages with time.

We’re going to share 3 of our best performing wireframes with everyone on this post

A key factor to note is that most landing page examples on the web are for medium-large sized companies. The landing pages in this article will address what we’ve done for small-medium sized clients. Most clients agencies take in are not large, so this post is much more practical and can be used across the board.

There is no way one person can take on designing, building, and writing copy for a great landing page by themselves. Here at New Media Sources, we try to get the whole team involved no matter what they do. For each landing page, 8 people help put everything together. From designers to server experts.

Remember, each landing page is different and you should treat our wireframes as just examples of how you can improve your projects. Let’s get started.

Above the fold, rental landing page

When we launched our landing pages, it was extremely important to have the most vital information above the fold. For our equipment rental landing page we decided on this structure:

  • Logo and phone number would be in the header
    • Just in case people didn’t want to fill out the form
  • Value proposition would be the first item in the body
  • Followed up the supporting value proposition
  • Benefit list
  • Form to the right of benefit list with what people can save presented with a badge
  • What we have to offer
  • Certifications and rate guarantee
  • REAL testimonials
  • Privacy policy – Term & conditions


Here’s our template fully designed for Rent1 (our best performing example):

equipment rental landing page

We went through months of data in AdWords to come up with what we did for Rent1. We also interviewed the owner and the customers to address the main pain points. Another campaign for Rent1 included a 20% discount on all rentals, which did really well.

Form submission issues

An issue with construction workers, contractors, and engineers is that few people want to full out the form. We made the form really lean and only asked for immediate information, which Rent1 can use to call back the clients.


The goal was to get the call or form submission as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We made sure the person viewing the landing page was able to see the form and phone number clearly beside each other.

Mobile traffic to our landing pages

Of all the traffic, 20%+ was from mobile devices. It’s interesting to note that the conversion rates from mobile devices was a lot higher than desktop users. This was primarily because people searching wanted to rent equipment quickly.

Tracking leads to this landing page would only makes sense “if” we tracked every lead, whether it’s from the form or a phone call. On EVERY single landing page we design, we use a custom, tracked phone number. We even had analytics on each and every conversation with the sales team to help them close more rentals.

Log My Calls Analytics

You can get this data from call tracking software like Log My Calls or CallRail

Below the fold

If we were lucky enough to have visitors scroll down on our landing page for Rent1, we wanted to make sure Rent1 looked credible.

The copy had to address other questions recorded by phone calls, which was if Rent1 offered more than just the four machines on the landing page. Of course, they did so we made sure that was displayed right below the four mini excavators:

below the fold landing page

Again, we had the phone number right below that for convenience.

It was also important for visitors to understand that Rent1 was a member of the rental association in the United States and in Canada.

We tried something bold and Rent1 agreed. Rent1 would guarantee their rates. If a customer got an invoice from another rental company, Rent1 would beat it. Customer satisfaction is clearly a huge conversion factor.


A landing page is not a landing page without real testimonials from a credible source. In our case, we used reviews directly from Google.

We ended the landing page with a privacy policy and terms & conditions, which also plays an important role in a landing page.

The wireframes

As promised, here is the wireframe for this highly converting landing page:

Free Delivery PDF Wireframe

Source Balsamiq file

Above the fold, cleaning landing page

The identity of some of our clients will be hidden because they asked us not publish their names in any articles or case studies

Carpet cleaning is a very competitive keyword on Google. It’s also very expensive through Google AdWords. Our client agreed to advertising on Google while we were optimizing his website.

For most people, all they want to know is the price and if the company has a good track record with a decent amount of experience. Our client had all of that and more. We tried to address everything someone might ask about carpet cleaning in a single medium sized landing page.

We didn’t think anyone would want to fill out a form to get carpet cleaning prices. All we had to do was include a tracked phone number and record the results.

The most important information (as always) is displayed above the fold in all of our landing pages. In this example, visitors would see EXACTLY what they would get right at the top. There is no fluff or superlative claims.

For this client we decided on a very practical and obvious structure, which would be very easy to scan through:

  1. Visitors would see a logo and a phone number to the right of the header
  2. Value proposition and supporting value proposition
  3. Call to action
  4. A heading with years of experience
  5. Benefit list
  6. Why cleaning carpets is important for your home and health
  7. Why visitors should pick our client over others
  8. Testimonials
  9. Map and contact form at the bottom

Here’s the full landing page from top to bottom:

carpet cleaning landing page

Landing pages are meant to be easy to understand with a direct message. We kept it very simple in this examples. There are improvements, which we will test. For example, I am going to test adding in images of the staff and the office of our client. We want to add a human touch to this landing page, which it lacks at the moment. Remember, landing pages with real images of people in the company will perform better 100% of the time.

Below the fold

Cleaning your carpets isn’t just about making your home look nicer. There’s a huge health benefit, which was highlighted below the fold. We didn’t go into the science of why you should clean your carpets. We simply looked up proven facts and organized them in an easy to read list spread across horizontally.

below the fold carpet cleaning


It’s clear that reviews and testimonials play a huge role in the buying cycle. On every landing page, we want to make sure there are clear credibility signals when the user is ready to fill out the form or call our clients. Where you display testimonials is really up to you.

We can go back and forth and debate what copy converts, what colours persuade better buying habits, or if we should use long landing pages vs. short landing pages all day long. Why wouldn’t we let the customers tell others about the business in a landing page through testimonials?

In the next couple of months, we’re going to test exactly that. Instead of worrying about the copy, we will highlight happy customers and offer the service or product below that.

The wireframes

Here’s the PDF version of the wireframe

Here’s the source Balsamiq file

Above the fold, fitness membership landing page

A third and final example is a medium sized business with 50+ employees. Club16 has several gyms across our province and are very well known. We’re on the process of building a better site for them with a full online marketing campaign.

Because Club16 is well known, we decided to start with great copy and highlight the benefits of why businesses should sign up with them below the fold. Here’s the design above the fold:

club16 above the fold

This landing page targets businesses. We needed to make sure business owners understood the benefits of joining the corporate program with facts about health and the workplace, which is available below the fold.

Below the fold

Below the fold, the information displayed started with some of the clients, which are already approved for the corporate program and work with Club16 to keep their employees healthy.

Corporate members have huge benefits compared to the general public. They have discounted rates and a $0 enrollment fee. We made sure that was at the top below the fold followed by benefits of the corporate program. The face of Club16 is Trevor Linden (ex NHL player and current president of hockey operationsand alternate governor of the Vancouver Canucks).

Here’s what we have below the fold:

Club16 below the fold landing page

There are improvements, which can enhance this landing page like:

  1. A better picture of Trevor Linden
  2. Backing up facts with PDFs, eBooks or quotes from

We’re going to try and test this landing page with and without a testimonial section.

The wireframes

Here’s the PDF version of the wireframe

Here’s the source Balsamiq file

Remember, you don’t need to copy what we have exactly. Use it as a guide to what has worked for our clients.

Software we used for our landing pages

Unbounce – We build, test and design all of our landing pages through Unbounce. They’re local here in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With Unbounce, it’s very easy to design landing pages. Not to mention the integration with popular platforms like MailChimp and AWeber.


Unbounce Integration

Balsamiq – I don’t know where we would be without Balsamiq. This nifty wireframing tool has been crucial with everything and ANYTHING we do at New Media Sources. Balsamiq is not browser based, which I really like. If you’re serious about your landing pages, I highly recommend you start using Balsamiq for landing pages, email templates, and easy to understand layouts for clients.


Photoshop – I don’t need to get into Photoshop too much. Our designers take my wireframes and design them with Photoshop before putting everything together in Unbounce.

Basecamp – I started using Basecamp 2 years ago and simply love it. We have probably saved 100s of hours by organizing our projects with Basecamp. Another must have if you have a team.

Final thoughts and conclusion

I personally think the more we share with each other, the more our community will grow. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the best people around me here at the office, nationally and internationally.

The three landing pages in this article and how we used them should be more than enough to get you started on your own campaigns. Trying to get your landing pages to succeed is not really rocket science. They have to answer simple questions. It’s also very important to note that each landing page MUST help make someone’s life easier at that moment.

Taking it a level further

We have the resources and the support to build on this. Do you think there are improvements on any of the examples I shared in this blog post? Share them in the comments below. If we all agree, I’ll make the changes within 24 hours.

Let’s work together and build on this post. I am looking for help to create a database of wireframes from different industries. We can help everyone in our industry with whatever niche they’re working in. Hopefully, people can share their results and what worked with their landing pages.

You can also discuss wireframing and the state of inbound marketing in