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f-cell + HFC: Hydrogen Fuel & Green Energy Event To Power New Ideas In Vancouver, Canada

Leading clean energy researchers and fuel cell specialists will congregate at the Vancouver Convention Center this September for the f-cell + HFC event. DRIP will be onsite covering this 2-day alternative fuel conference, learning about the dynamic programs and developments that will help usher in the age of hydrogen fuel cell technology, electric power, and energy efficiency.

f-cell & HFC Vancouver Logo
Leading hydrogen and fuel-cell researchers will congregate in Vancouver on September 8th and 9th, 2020.

Energy and the environment has dominated public discourse over the last decade. Tensions in Canada are rising in the wake of anti-oil pipeline protests throughout the nation, making Vancouver an appropriate and timely location for this green energy event.

There is an appetite for renewable energy, but how quickly can hydrogen fuel cell production replace carbon-dioxide producing fossil fuels in large enough quantities to meet the demands of a society that relies so heavily on natural gas? What are the pros and cons of hydrogen production? And how will the workforces of diesel fuel producers survive the transition to green alternatives?

These questions and more will be asked of exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors at the event.

It’s no secret that automobiles remain one of the largest industries affected by the development of fuel cell technologies. Electric car deployment has been growing rapidly over the past ten years, with the global stock of electric passenger cars passing 5 million in 2018, an increase of 63% from the previous year, and continuing to rise through 2019. As of January of 2020, EV (electric vehicle) manufacturer Tesla is worth more than Ford and General Motors combined (Tesla stockholders have cumulatively rejoiced over this news).

Silver sponsor and car manufacturer, Toyota, will be onsite at the f-cell + HFC event to host its Ride & Drive event, offering participants the chance to test drive their latest Fuel Cell vehicles.

Additional exhibitors at the f-cell + HFC event include Ballard Power Systems, Delta ModTech, Greenlight Innovation Corp, HTEC Hydrogen, Sono-Tek, Venair, and Xebec Adsorption. In addition to these exhibitors, a cast of industry leading speakers will also give presentations and Table Topic Talks on subjects such as Production of Hydrogen/Decarbonization, Fuel Cell Research in Canada, Hydrogen Distribution Infrastructure, and Hydrogen Supply and Transportation using Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers.

Get the full conference program and speaker list online at https://hyfcell.com/.

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